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​Hi, I am Pamela.

Photography has always been my biggest passion whether I was in front or behind the camera. Since I was 18 I worked as a professional model in Germany and Spain. Over time, I got more and more fascinated by the art of images, and so I decided to study design with the focus on photography. After my graduation I started to work self-employed and slowly shifted into the position behind the camera. My experience as a model is helping me to understand and direct the person in front of my lens. I deeply enjoy working with people either professionals or newbies and showing their true potential in the picture. On the other hand I also like to create beautiful still life pictures, staging the product in the best way possible. I am based in Berlin but free and eager to travel. If you are interested in photo shootings of any kind please contact me via mail or the contact form on this page.

photo by Reinhard Scheuregger

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